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TZEDEK is designed to create opportunities for 9th-12th graders to develop extensive leadership skills, as well as initiative and a sense of responsibility towards justice and community. Naomi Goldman-Nagel, the 2019 Rosh, will be leading the team that will guide participants in applying these skills with passion and commitment - as educators and mentors within Camp Tavor programs, as well as in their individual pursuits and in the roles they will take in our community as leaders, organizers, and changemakers. TZEDEK addresses three main areas through learning and hands-on experience:

  • Social Justice Education Rooted in Judaism

  • Leadership Development and Hadracha (Educational Leadership)

  • Organizing and Social Action


  • Jewish youth in grades 9-11


  • Tzedek is currently centered around two main hubs: Chicago and Ann Arbor/Detroit. These are the places where Tzedek has formed partnerships and is working to create programming. If you do not live in one of these two places, you can still participate in a few different ways!


Starting in January, Tzedek will be run bi-monthly, with additional programming including online peulot and one seminar.

  • One event a month will be centered around the role of partnership and the organization Tzedek is collaborating with

  • One event will be a ken event run or supported in running by tzedek participants

  • Online peulot will be run every other month for all participants throughout the Midwest

  • Fall and Spring Seminar (check website and email for dates)

There is a $36.00 Kupah with this program.

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