We are committed to making camp affordable for every family -

no one will be turned away for lack of funds.

You can find more information about scholarships and grants HERE

We are looking forward to running a Tavor program that builds connections and community and empowers children and teens!

You can find information on refund and cancelation policies on our FAQ page.

Summer 2022 Dates & Rates

* Bonimot & Garinimot will have an option to extend the full summer in the camper application. Additional fees would apply

Register today and receive a gift from Camp Tavor

As a gift for registering before December 31st, we will send you this Custom Elite Embroidered Camp Tavor Knit Cap.

With this limited edition cap, you can keep warm through the winter while sharing your love of Tavor!


It is limited to one per registered camper. 


A Credit Card or Debit Card is required to be on file. There is a  3% transaction fee on all  Credit Card transactions. There is no fee associated with a Debit Card.


Deposits must be paid by Credit Card or Debit Card when completing the camper application.

Space will be limited at Camp Tavor this summer due to Covid 19, and deposits are required to hold your space. 

Tuition must be paid in full by May 13th.

Families registering online have three payment options:

  1. Pay in full at the time of registration and you will receive an automatic 3% off your tuition

  2. Pay in equal monthly installments (the 2nd Friday of the month) from the date of registration, with the final payment on May 13th.

  3. If applying for scholarship assistance, pay $200 per month, starting in January, until the camp scholarship is awarded. Once the award is applied to the camp balance, the remaining balance will be paid in equal monthly installments on the 2nd Friday of the month, with the final payment on May 13th.  

I*Please note that by completing the camper application, you are giving Camp Tavor permission to charge the credit card/debit card on file for the balance of your account on May 13th. Please contact Camp Tavor (office@camptavor.org) to discuss an alternative payment plan. 

*KUPAH ​At Tavor, there is no camp store or canteen. Instead, campers pool their money into a kupah (common fund). The campers then work collaboratively to decide on special activities (roller-skating, ice-cream trips, etc.) that will be covered by the community's kupah. These funds also help stock a kupah cabinet with toothpaste, soap, shampoo, stamps, batteries, and other camp essentials.

Contributing to kupah is a truly wonderful way for campers to actualize camp values and work with each other to make decisions and take ownership of their camp community. Kupah will be indicated as an additional line item in your camp billing statement. 

Please see transportation options and additional costs below.

Programs & Sessions


Bogrimot 5-Week Program


The Bogrimot Program is an opportunity for Tavor chanichimot to return to machaneh (camp) for another summer of leadership growth and fun.


During this 5-week program, campers will run a Bo-Coup takeover of camp and work on skills to become a mentor to younger campers and build on their leadership opportunities as a group.

Extended wilderness training and a 5-day tiyul (camping trip) are typically part of this programming. We are working with health and safety officials to determine if we will be able to conduct this trip safely this year.


MBT Program TBD



Madatz is our leadership training program for campers entering 12th grade.

The program focuses on opportunities to develop communication, leadership, and facilitation skills.


Madatz participants facilitate camp-wide activities and activities for campers. The Madatz also develop, and coordinate a madatz project, a project that will contribute to Camp Tavor for the next generation of Tavor chanichimot (campers)!

*Taste of Tavor (Available to 1st-year campers only)


Amelimot: Taste of Tavor is a one-week program for campers entering 2nd - 3rd grades. This program is for first-time campers *only*. 

This Taste of Tavor program is an opportunity for first-time campers to have a wonderful shorter-term Jewish overnight camp experience, while still experiencing the highlights, excitement, and community building of longer camp programming. During Taste of Tavor, campers participate in all the wonderful aspects of Camp Tavor through a special program designed to help campers feel comfortable in a new overnight camp setting. 


Explore Tavor (Available to 1st and 2nd-year campers only)

Amelimot: Taste of Tavor 2 is a two-week program for campers entering 3rd - 5th grades. 

This program is for first and second-year campers *only*.

This Explore Tavor program is an opportunity for first and second-year campers to have a wonderful shorter-term Jewish overnight camp experience, while still experiencing the highlights, excitement, and community building of longer camp programming.

tiyul and beach.jpg

Amelimot 3-Week Session: 

Amelimot: This three-week session is for campers entering 3rd - 5th grades eager for the full camp experience and ready for 3 weeks of camp! 

Chotrimot A & B 

Campers entering 6th and 7th grade have the option of a 3-week or 2-week program for Summer 2022. We recognize that due to COVID, it could be the first or second year for this age group and they may like a shorter program to acclimate to a full summer camp experience. We also offer a full summer to this age group.

Bonimot & Garinimot

This 4.5 week session is designed specifically for our campers entering 8th and 9th grade, with an option to extend one wek to experience a full summer program.

Habonim Dror North America also offers an immersive program in Israel. The 

Machaneh Bonim B’Israel (MBI) adventure for entering 11th gradersputs a strong focus on leadership training, community building, and educational engagement with Israel.

Bus Transportation

Camp Tavor will be offering bus service to camp on Sunday, June 26th, and returning from camp on Wednesday, August 3rd. It is $80 one-way or $160 roundtrip.

Additional shuttle services may be established for other dates to and from camp. We will be in touch through email as more arrangements are made.