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Madatz 2020 Online Program

Tavor is offering our incoming 12th graders an alternative online madatz session that will incorporate many of the same elements of our critical leadership development program, as well as new and exciting methods of virtual engagement.


The shift in venue has made this year’s Madatz program more accessible than ever before - and a wonderful complement to any other internship, job, or summer program you may be enjoying! We hope you’ll take advantage of this opportunity to reconnect with your Tavor community and cultivate valuable leadership skills to help us build the future of Tavor and contribute to building a more just and peaceful world. 

Supported by their madrichot (counselors), Ariel Hasak-Lowy, Noam Jacobs, and Talia Yaari, madatz will grow meaningful connections with kvutza members, and a critical understanding of social justice issues with a focus on how they as Jewish youth can take direct action.  


They will develop important leadership skills they’ll be using as they continue into college (and life). They’ll think critically about society, practice planning and facilitating educational programs, improve their communication skills, and learn to design, implement, and feedback projects. 


Aside from our regular summer offerings, the Madatz program will also include a Summer Seminar from June 28th to July 6th.


Here is a look at the calendar:

Tavor Madatz Seminar Schedule.png

Peulah 1 (1.5 hours)  11:30-1 CST SUNDAY 

What is kvutzah & What does it mean to be in madatz like this: We will take time to explore the importance of this summer and address how we are feeling as we go into our summer process.


Peulah 2. (1.5 hours) 11:30-1 CST MONDAY

What is hadracha & the right to educate: We will be discussing about what hadracha (leadership) is, the importance of educating and the responsibility we have when we gain roles as educators and leaders


Chevrati 1: (1 hr) 7-8 CST TUESDAY bonding!!

Taking time to have fun and be silly together is very important to the Madatz Process! 


Peulah 3. (1 hr) THURSDAY 12 -1 CST

How to write a peulah: We will have a fun game show to learn how to write a peulah (activity)

Peulah 4. (1.5 hr) FRIDAY 3-4:30 CST 

Madrichol as an embodiment of hadracha: Learning about how to embody the leadership skills we discussed earlier, thinking back to leaders we had that inspired us and looking forward to how we want to lead. We will also go through concrete kid scenarios the Madatz might encounter in their future at Tavor.

Chevrati 2 (1.5) SATURDAY 2:30 - 4 CST 

Surprise Movie!


We will have Chevrati with the Madatz every Tuesday from 7-8 CST starting on the 30th and going through the end of July. A chevrati is an evening bonding activity!

A Message from your Madatz Madrichot (counselors),

Ariel Hasak-Lowy, Noam Jacobs, and Talia Yaari,

Screen Shot 2020-06-15 at 1.08.52 PM.jpe

In these troubling and tumultuous times, it is important to continue to come together in kvutzah and as part of the Tavor community.


During more typical times at Tavor, the Madatz program is an integral part of camp, full of fun, excitement, and leadership-building.


Though we cannot be together physically this summer, we are excited to bring this modified online version to our Madatz 2020.


During the program, Madatz will gain the tools they need to become madrichimot, participating in a seminar on hadracha (leadership and education), and engaging in issues of the current society and asking important questions.


Despite the challenges that COVID-19 has brought, it’s important for us to find new ways to be together and to continue our education and community building.


As a tzevet we have spent a lot of time planning ways this new format brings new tools to the madatz experience and we are excited to bring them all to the Madatz!

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