Camp Tavor COVID-19
Health and Safety Plan

Here is a look at the plans put in place prior to summer 2021. We are happy to report that Camp Tavor had ZERO cases of COVID-19 in summer 2021. From the videos below you can see how we were able to proceed with the summer. The faqs page below is also specific to 2022 though some of the information may be carried over to summer 2022. Of course, you will be notified of any changes to policy and procedure.

While we hope COVID will not be a factor in summer 2022, we will continue to monitor the situation and work with our own health team as well as the American Camping Association Field Guide, and the CDC to maintain best practices.

Guiding Ideas

  • We will adhere to all relevant regulations from state, local, and federal agencies as well as best practices established by the camping field.
  • We are building our safety plan with the assumption that our full camp community will not be vaccinated from Covid-19, though we are actively tracking vaccine acailablity and will advocate for and do whatever we can to help ensure our cakmp staff have access to vaccinations before the summer. Currently available vaccines are not available to children under 16 and, while trials are ongoing, we do not anticipate children will be vaccinated by the summer 2021 season.
  • We have developed our plans with the assumption that Covid-19 and its variants will continue to be present in our communities throughout the midwest, and, while we will do everything in our power to prevent Covid-19 from coming to camp that it could potentially be present in our camp community. We are focused on developing the right structures and protocols for pre-camp screening, on-site testing, and cohot-based programmung to prevent large scale spread and an ability to handle any cases should they appear.
  • We anticiate that testing will only become more widely available and affordable and will play a role in our Covid-19 safety plan, though we are waiting to finalize details untl we get closer to the summer.

Key Terms:

  • Bubble - A group of people (campers and staff) that spend time together in a closed environment in an attempt to limit exposure to Covid. Once a bubble is formed, the addition of others should be avoided. Members of a bubble are also discouraged from interacting with others outside the bubble or leaving camp without proper protection and precautions.
  • Cabin - An individual cabin (tzrif) or tent (ohel) with campers and staff (8-10 people).
  • Pod - a 'family unit'. Members of a pod may be unmasked and undistanced together in indoor or outdoor spaces, including eating and time in bunks and bathrooms. Our camp safety plan assumes that members of a pod have been exposed to one another. Pod size is TBD, but will likely start as 1-2 bunks and scale, after a first round of testing, to a full schichvah (age-group).
  • Arrival Period - Period of time during campers' initial arrival into the camp bubble. Interactions are mainly inside the campers' cohort. After a period of time and only when deemed safe by our medical team, multiple pods may interact for the remaining time in the session.

Pre-Camp Arrival:

Campers and staff will be asked to follow a set of CDC recommended behaviors prior to arrival at camp, including:

  • Frequent and thourough handwashing
  • Avoiding close contact with people outside their household
  • Wear a face covering on both mouth and nose around others
  • Daily monitoring of health
HEALTH SCREENINGS: During the TBD period prior to their arrival to Tavor, campers will need to document daily health screenings at home. We will share a Self-Screening Protocol form that will ask campers’ parents to track and log symptoms at home. All campers’ Self-Screening Protocols must be uploaded for review by camp medical professionals in order to be admitted to camp. COVID TESTING All campers will need to provide documentation of a negative PCR COVID test within a short period of time before the start of their camp session. If a camper tests positive on the pre-program PCR test, we will follow current CDC guidelines to determine the required quarantine period for your child, and work with your family to create a plan for late arrival, if possible. Read more about current CDC guidelines here: We will share additional details of our pre-camp procedures in spring 2021. We will share additional details of our pre-camp procedures in spring 2021. HEALTH FORMS Our health forms are available in your CampInTouch account. All of our forms and guidelines have been updated for COVID-19. It is imperative that we receive all completed health information prior to the start of camp. Please note that these forms require immunization information and Camp Tavor has an updated immunization policy. NO CHILD WILL BE PERMITTED TO ATTEND CAMP IF WE DO NOT RECEIVE THESE FORMS AT LEAST 2 WEEKS BEFORE CAMP OPENS.

Arriving at Camp:

Transportation Campers will travel to camp by family drop-off arranged at staggered times. Camp Tavor is considering other transportation options to camp and we will update this page and share additional travel details in early 2021. Entering the Camp Bubble: We plan to operate as a closed system with most of our community separated into smaller cohorts. Limiting the ins/outs of staff, vendors, and guests will help prevent the introduction of COVID-19 into our bubble. While we pride ourselves on our flexibility, this year campers will not be able to arrive late. Bunks: Cabins/Tents We plan to fill bunks - ohelim (tents) or tzrifim (cabins) - to our normal capacity (typically 5-8 campers and 1-2 staff members). Cabins will function as a family does at home: interacting, without masks, in comfort and close proximity while together, but maintaining appropriate physical distancing and mask-wearing when outside of their cabin (home base). Pods Our pods eat together, engage in activity together and share common spaces. The goal of pods during the arrival period is to provide campers with the opportunity to socialize and participate in daily camp programming while minimizing overall contact beyond the same consistent group of individuals. During the arrival period, individuals will be able to interact with others outside of their pod, when a minimum of two of the following criteria are met:

  • Wearing Masks
  • Physically Distant (at least 6 feet apart)
  • Outdoors
Please talk to your camper and practice these strategies together prior to coming to camp to ensure a smooth transition to an amazing summer! We are fortunate to have 68 beautiful acres of camp ground to explore that will allow our campers to enjoy almost all activities outside and have the space to do so. In-Camp Covid Testing: We are developing a testing approach for initial screening upon entry to camp, testing for individuals with symptoms and ongoing surveillance testing throughout the summer. While testing capabilities and technology continue, we expect this to include both PCR and rapid-testing tools. We will share additional details of our comprehensive testing strategy in spring 2021. Mid-Summer Sessions: We will welcome additional campers from our shortest camp session - Taste of Tavor - into the camp bubble during the summer. When new campers arrive they will adhere to the same arrival period protocols, and we expect they will most likely spend their entire camp experience in their pod. Camper Comings & Goings: Our current plans will not allow for campers to begin the program late or to leave the program and re-enter the camp program in the middle of the session. In exceptional circumstances, we can accommodate campers who will need to leave a program early, but they will not be able to return to the program after that departure.

Daily Camp Life:

While the structure of the day will change, we will be providing the core of the Camp Tavor experience: An opportunity for young people to build community, cultivate self confidence, develop as leaders and enjoy a playful and exciting camp experience! We aim to offer our core programming, though large camp gatherings will be limited in the initial weeks of the session. All programming will take place using safe distances between campers and staff. Groups will remain as a pod and not intermix with other pods during program time. First Day of Camp At Tavor, we always highlight the importance of thinking about how our actions impact the greater community. This year, this value will be especially important as we share covid-related guidelines with campers on the first day of camp. We will communicate:

  • What camp is doing to protect everyone from becoming ill
  • Ground rules for operating in smaller groups
  • Hand washing protocols
  • Physical distancing guidelines and policies for when masks are necessary
  • Dining hall/eating procedures
  • What symptoms to look out for and when to report them to a staff person/nurse
  • Daily symptom screening throughout the summer.
Mask Wearing Policy All campers and staff will wear masks during the arrival period at camp, except when in one’s cabin or living quarters, when eating, or in activities only with their assigned pod. After a period of time (tbd, 5-14 days) and only when deemed safe by our medical team, we may scale back mask requirements. Meals and Dining Meals and time spent in the chadar ochel (dining hall) are a special aspect of the camp experience. This will be an area that will likely look noticeably different this summer. Meals will be served with recommended community mitigation strategies.
  • Campers and staff will eat by pod during arrival period, with limited interaction with the kitchen staff
  • Pods will eat outside whenever possible
  • When eating indoors, capacity in each dining hall will be limited to allow for appropriate physical distancing.
  • Dining hall windows will remain open at all times.
  • We are redesigning the entire dining room experience for 2021 with an eye towards maintaining efficiency, ease, and quality of food while minimizing interactions between individuals from different pods.
Camping Trips At this time, we are evaluating if we will be able to travel outside of camp at any time during the summer. We are considering hiking or outdoor trips where we will not interact with any other people.

First Day at Camp:

At Tavor, we always highlight the importance of thinking about how our actions impact the greater community. This year, this value will be especially important as we share covid-related guidelines with campers on the first day of camp. We will communicate:

  • What camp is doing to protect everyone from becoming ill
  • Ground rules for operating in smaller groups
  • Hand washing protocols
  • Physical distancing guidelines and policies for when masks are necessary
  • Dining hall/eating procedures
  • What symptoms to look out for and when to report them to a staff person/nurse
  • Daily symptom screening throughout the summer.

MARP (Clinic)

Our Marp team will adapt their comprehensive protocols to care for the camp community this summer, including:

  • Overseeing COVID screening, testing and symptom evaluation
  • Additional protective equipment will be worn by our medical staff throughout the summer
  • There will be a separate quarantine area for campers exhibiting any symptoms associated with COVID-19 while awaiting testing results

Positive Covid Tests

If a camper tests positive on the pre-camp arrival PCR test we will follow CDC guidelines to create a plan for a late arrival, if possible. If a camper tests positive at camp, the camper will immediately be isolated and taken to a safe area while we wait for them to be picked up. The camper will be monitored closely and given treatments, as necessary. In addition, other members of the camper’s pod will be tested immediately and separated from the rest of camp. The exposed campers will still be provided with camp activities but separated. In late spring 2021 we will share additional details on our medical protocols if a positive COVID case is discovered in camp, our communications approach, etc. Refund Policy if a Camper Tests Positive If a camper needs to leave camp because of a positive Covid test, Camp will provide a prorated tuition credit for summer 2022. If the camper is “graduating” in 2021, we will prorate a refund of the tuition.


Camp Tavor staff will implement a variety of enhanced cleaning protocols, including cleaning of communal spaces, shared items, frequently touched surfaces and overall handwashing and sanitizing. Additional signage will be posted throughout camp as a reminder of health protocols.

  • Hand-sanitizer stations will be placed in all buildings, cabins and high-traffic areas.
  • Handwashing will be required prior to all meals and snacks.
  • Drinking fountains will be closed and there will be an increased number of water bottle filling stations around camp. Campers will be instructed to carry their water bottles around with them. Drinking stations will be cleaned regularly.
  • We will clean all spaces used by only one pod once a day.
  • All program areas and equipment, shared among multiple pods, will be cleaned and sanitized between uses, with detailed protocols established for each program area
  • Regular laundering of used face covering masks. We will ask that all campers bring a minimum number of labeled masks and also bring a labeled mesh laundry bag to keep each campers’ masks together.

Guests & Visitors

Visitor Policy In order to minimize the risk of introducing COVID-19 into the camp bubble, we plan to limit individuals coming into camp throughout the summer. Unfortunately, this means there will be:

  • No day visits, overnight guests or camp tours
  • No Visitor Days
We will leverage technology to bring your campers’ summer experiences into your home. Additional details to be shared in the coming months.


  • Cancellations prior to March 15: Everything is refundable except $100
  • Cancellations between March 15 and April 30th: Everything is refundable except $500. No programs can be modified after April 30th.
  • Cancellations that occur after May 1 and before the program start will be assessed half of the camp fee, with exceptions made in the case of cancellations due to medical need.
  • Once the camp program begins, no refunds will be granted for cancellations.
If Camp Tavor cancels the camp session (due to Covid-19 or any other reason), all fees will be fully refundable. Financial Aid We know that the decision to attend Camp Tavor is an investment and we are committed to ensuring that Camp Tavor is accessible to all campers who would like to spend a part of their summer with us. You can find a scholarship application available within your CampInTouch dashboard and please do not hesitate to be in touch with our staff with any questions.


We are committed to transparent communication with our community as we prepare for the summer. Beginning in February 2021, we will host monthly online community updates to share our latest preparations for the summer and a host time for families to ask questions. Contact Our Team We welcome the opportunity to speak with you about Camp Tavor. Click here to schedule time with a member of our leadership team: Remember to sign up for the Tavor Times Newsletter and Blog for updates throughout the year on all Camp Tavor happenings.

NEW Package Policy

Camp Tavor will no longer accept packages in boxes for campers. Please read the new policy and share it with your campers and other family/friends (including grandparents) to help manage their expectations. In your camp forms on CampinTouch, you will sign the package policy to show that you have read it:

  • Camp Tavor will accept flat parcels that are in an envelope that is no larger than 12” x 15” x ¾”. These can include magazines, books, pens and paper- anything flat.
  • Boxes will be returned to sender.
  • Birthdays at Camp: One birthday package without food will be permitted. Please label the package: “Birthday Package” so that we can make sure it gets to your child on their birthday.