Dreaming and Singing!

Join us on August 9th at 3 pm CST/4 pm EST for a Musicale Fundraiser for Tavor!

Camp Tavor has a long, beautiful tradition of gathering together in song to celebrate, protest, grieve and dream and we hope you’ll join us as we gather together to share our song, provide comfort to our extended family, and ensure a strong future for Tavor!

This Musicale fundraiser will be a mixture of live performances and prerecorded videos from people across many Tavor generations.

Click here to register for the Musicale Fundraiser

We’re asking for people to channel the spirit of Kupah (give what you can!) and share a gift with Tavor as a part of your registration.

Upon the submission of your registration, you will receive an email confirmation with the link to the zoom.

All proceeds will go to the Ensure Tavor’s Future Campaign.


As a grand finale to our musicale fundraiser, producer/director of the Fresh Prince of Tavor/60th anniversary documentary “This Land”, Marc Morgan. Will be editing a collaborative performance of “Splendor Bridge” with YOUR submissions.

Click here to upload your video submission


To help you make your video Tavor Alum David Tobocman has created two videos of “Splendor Bridge”. One is with piano accompaniment only the other is piano with vocals to aid you.


  • When making your video use headphones, so that you only record your audio track and NOT the piano backing.

  • Remember if you are using a cell phone to flip your phone horizontally to record the video.

  • Start your video by stating your name and the years you attended Tavor.

  • Please make sure when you upload your video to title it with your name.

You can find both videos by clicking here to view them on our CAMP TAVOR YOUTUBE page or click the video below.

The track with vocals also has the published lyrics – so be sure to click ON the closed captioning. You can also download and view the lyrics as we will be singing them for this finale – by clicking here: CAMP TAVOR MUSIC.

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