Get Dressed for Camp Tavor!

Today is the international Wear your Summer Camp T-Shirt Day!

It's a special time to show our pride in our camp and each other!

It's easy to participate and it doesn't matter if you've been out of camp for 2 years or 20 or more! If you've got a camp T -- we want to see you in it!

Here's What you need to do:

That's It! Put it on, take a photo, upload it to Facebook, Instagram, whatever!

Just be sure to tag @camptavor so we can see you!

If you're in need of a t-shirt or yours is old and faded... Check out Retro Camp Tees.

They currently have dozens of Tavor Tees and sweatshirts from multi-generations and are always looking for more! Don't forget a percentage of Tavor items purchased will be donated to Camp Tavor.

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