MLK Day is not a day off... it's a day on!

Shabbat Shalom,

Monday is Martin Luther King Jr. Day. As a tradition, MLK Day is a time to reflect, learn, and take action. This year, this is especially important.

On the heels of the unrest that we have witnessed in our nation in the last week, we as Jews, understand the importance of pursuing justice and of actively setting ourselves in opposition to those who seek to harm others, especially when they hold systematic power.

It is clear to us, more now than ever, that we have a commitment to creating a more just world.

This year we hope you will spend MLK with intention. The intention could mean digging deeper into learning about racial justice with your friends and loved ones or plugging into events like the ones we listed below, which we’ve gathered from various list-serves, including Repair the World Detroit.

Read more by clicking here: Shabbat Message from Bonimot Tzedek

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