Parents... come and join the Peulah!

Hello parents and guardians!

While this summer is obviously nothing like Tavor’s past summers, Tavor Tzedek is virtually working hard and partnering with JCUA to support their fair tax campaign.

The fair tax campaign is a campaign to change the amount that certain groups of people pay for taxes.

Currently, in Illinois, everybody is paying the same percentage of their income for taxes, or the flat tax, which is not fair for everyone.

It benefits the wealthy while impacting the lower class negatively. The goal is to have different percentages paid in taxes based on your income.

Tavor is very excited to work on this campaign because we have many families from Illinois, which is where this campaign is taking place. We are also incredibly excited to be able to make a change in the world, despite being as young as entering 9th grade.

We have a couple of events coming up to support these efforts and we would love for you to join us! If your camper is in Garinimot, Bogrimot, MBT - Click on the links below to RSVP to one or both events!

Fair Tax Parent Peulah: Monday, July 27th, at 6:00 PM CST / 7:00 PM EST

Fair Tax Phone Bank: Thursday, July 30th, 5:30 PM CST / 6:30 PM EST

Thank you, and we hope to see many of you there!

Sophia Roven (Garinimot 2020)

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