Passover Reflection and Solidarity

Dear Tavor Community,

Shabbat Shalom! As we look forward to celebrating Passover, we are thinking of what liberation means for our communities and others. We want to take a moment to denounce and address the racist violence that plagues our communities.

Eight people were murdered at three Spas in Atlanta, Georgia at the hands of a racist murderer. We know that anti-Asain hate crimes are on the rise and that this violence stems from systemic oppression as well as microaggressions at the interpersonal level. It is all of our responsibility to keep ourselves and our communities accountable in fighting for justice.

We want to acknowledge the people who were murdered, people who worked to provide care and comfort to others. May their memories be a blessing.

Soon Chung Park, age 74

Hyun Jung Grant, age 51

Suncha Kim, age 69

Yong Yue, age 63

Delaina Ashley Yaun, age 33

Paul Andre Michels, age 54

Xiaojie Tan, age 49

Daoyou Feng, age 44

The fight against white supremacy requires that we all play a role in working to create a more just and peaceful world.

We all hold a myriad of complex identities in which we hold privilege and also are the targets of oppression or marginalization (race, class, religion, citizenship status, gender, sexuality, ability, and others). We hope that the practice of observing Passover can be an opportunity to reflect on our complex identities and set goals for how to show solidarity and work in allyship in the fight against white supremacy.

There are endless resources we can use to support our shared learning toward liberation, here are a few to begin:

  • Support the Georgia Asain Community

  • HIAS Haggadah

  • Watch the beautiful series, LUNAR, discussing the Asain-American Jewish Experience, featuring this year’s own Tavor Chinuch (Programming Coordinator), Hannah Chonkan-Urow!

  • Jews for Racial and Economic Justice Passover Resources

We are looking forward to gathering together this summer (in less than 100 days!) to continue dreaming of and building a just and peaceful future for us all.

Until then…

In Love and Solidarity,

Mazkirut 2021

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