The future is in danger!

Yæl-A12, a future Tavornik, is facing environmental catastrophe from the distant(?) future.

In order to save her present, she needs YOUR help.

But saving the future isn't enough, we also have to save the past.

Along with Yæl, Karen “Peacelilly” B. Umer and Farmer Jack, from 1970 and 1925 respectively, must save their own times, and they need you too!

Below you will find a board full of amazing activities, along with descriptions of how to carry them out and you can find a complete list of activities by CLICKING HERE!

We need YOU (and maybe your parent or guardian!) to get as many done as you can by 5 pm eastern time TODAY in order to save the past, present, and future! You can watch for our video progress through the day with through Instagram at #camptavor -- where you can DM us your progress with activities or tag us @camptavor on your completed tasks and we will share them with others to show how working together can help bring about the change we need to save the day. Or you can email your progress to us by clicking here: SAVE THE PLANET IN CRISIS Don’t worry about getting every single thing done, just do what you can and what sounds exciting, but by working together we will complete it and save Yæl-A12’s world. 


If we are victorious, and we know we will be... we will join together at 5 PM EST on ZOOM to celebrate our crowning achievement! Click here to RSVP to get your SPECIAL DAY ZOOM ROOM details & passwords

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