Techno Tavor!

Camp Tavor is taking it's summer program online!

We are so excited to be offering virtual programming this summer. You'll find a variety of options and levels of engagement to choose from.

Our goal for this summer is to provide opportunities for chanichimot (campers)

to connect, have fun, and learn together! 

Session begins July 6th and runs through July 31st.

Click here to learn more and to register today!


Tavor's virtual summer includes a core program for our campers 3rd through 10th grade and Machane Bonim Tavor (MBT / 11th grade) as well as several choices of chuggim (elective).

Madatz (12th) summer program outlines can be found HERE.

The program will reflect Tavor's essence as a progressive and inclusive Jewish community of young people, with social justice, community building, and youth empowerment at the core.

Note that a chug will only run with a minimum of 5 participants.


1) ZoOmanut (ZoomArt): Collective art making! Drawing? Quilting? Digital art? Friendship bracelets? All of the above! Come chill out, learn new crafts, and explore your creativity with your friends across Techno Tavor.

2) Spy Kids: Calling all super secret super spies! Develop your ability to sneak in socks, adopt undercover identities, decipher classic logic problems and engage in high level debate in order to SAVE THE WORLD

3) Lo-Fi Tavor Radio: beats to labor/organize to: Lettuce turnip the beet with Chug Lo-Fi Tavor Radio! Explore the world of music! Engage in percussionism with unconventional instruments. Break out some beats. Learn about music throughout the ages, the theory behind it, and play some!

4. Tavor Turnip Newsletter: In our digital version of the Tavor Times, the Tavor Turnip, we’ll dive in as young jewrnalists to take our chadashot (news) delivery to the next level. In this traditional and satirical digital newsletter, we’ll collaborate to create our own headlines, sound bites, podcasts, videos, photography, editorials, articles, news stories, advice columns, etc.

You can sign up for one or two and change the next week to experience them all!


We are really looking forward to connecting this summer!

If you have any questions, reach out any time to We'll see you ZOOM!

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