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Summer Session July 6th through July 31st

For Camp Tavor, living Jewishly means building a loving, inclusive, and creative community, practicing critical thinking and working towards justice, equality, and collective responsibility. 


We educate and act on social, economic, racial, and gender inequalities and our unique participatory, youth-led model creates a lively, profound, and empowering experience, where campers see the world as a place where they can and should make a difference. 

This summer’s educational programming will re-affirm Tavor’s tradition of running progressive social-justice-oriented content. Amidst the nationwide uprisings against police violence and racism, our peulot (educational activities) will take a renewed focus on racial justice through intersectional, age-appropriate content on identity, diversity and inclusion, food justice, environmental justice, radical self-care, the power of youth, social movements, and more.

Tavor's virtual summer includes our core programming to build on kvutsa for 3rd through 10th grades and MBT (Machane Bonim Tavor for 11th graders) with optional chuggim (electives).


The core program for high schoolers also incorporates Bonimot Tzedek - Tavor's year-round teen activism and leadership development program.

Madatz (12th grade) summer program can be found by clicking here.

Here is a look at our upcoming schedule.

Camp Tavor will have open registration throughout the summer. You will be asked to RSVP each week so that we can properly staff the events and so we can send you ZOOM links and passwords to maintain security measures throughout the summer.

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1) ZoOmanut (ZoomArt): Collective art-making! Drawing? Quilting? Digital art? Friendship bracelets? All of the above! Come chill out, learn new crafts, and explore your creativity with your friends across Techno Tavor.


2) Spy Kids: Calling all super secret super spies! Develop your ability to sneak in socks, adopt undercover identities, decipher classic logic problems and engage in high-level debate in order to SAVE THE WORLD


3) Lo-Fi Tavor Radio: beats to labor/organize to: Lettuce turnip the beet with Chug Lo-Fi Tavor Radio! Explore the world of music! Engage in percussionism with unconventional instruments. Break out some beats. Learn about music throughout the ages, the theory behind it, and play some!


4. Tavor Turnip Newsletter: In our digital version of the Tavor Times, the Tavor Turnip, we’ll dive in as young jewrnalists to take our chadashot (news) delivery to the next level. In this traditional and satirical digital newsletter, we’ll collaborate to create our own headlines, sound bites, podcasts, videos, photography, editorials, articles, news stories, advice columns, etc.

While we are not applying fixed tuition for any of our summer programmings we are asking you to please donate what you can to help us cover our costs which we anticipate will be roughly $10,000 for staffing and incidentals.

The suggested amount is $36-$54/week, but we are grateful for any support.

Questions? Find answers and more in the Camp Tavor Virtual Camper Handbook or Contact Us!