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Board of Directors

Tavor’s Board of Directors (also and formerly known as the “Camp Committee”) is a spirited group of enthusiastic volunteers who work to ensure that Camp Tavor is a wonderfully nourishing and empowering experience for our children. Our board members – driven by love for the Tavor experience – work both independently and collaboratively to support our Tzevet (staff) in their work to develop enriching and transformative youth programming.


​The Board consists of alumni, current and former camp parents and tzevet (staff), all of whom chair or participate in one of our sub-committees (listed below) and contribute their skills to support Camp Tavor.


​We are always looking for creative and committed Tavorniks and friends to join our Board or one of our many sub-committees. Joining the Board or one of our sub-committees can be an incredible way to give back to Tavor by sharing your unique skills to ensure Tavor continues to provide engaging and unique Jewish experiences for the next generation!


​If you would like to learn more about our Board of Directors or sub-committee roles and expectations, please contact our Board Chair, Todd Hasak-Lowy (


Current Board Members

Danya Shapiro, Executive Director, Tavor Alum, Camper Parent, Past Board Member

Mira Sussman, Board Chair, Tavor Alum, and Camper Parent

Sarah Okin, Treasurer, Tavor Alum and Camper Parent

Miriam Derman, Executive Committee, Reunion, Tavor Alum and Camper Parent

Sara London, Strategic Planning, Community Building, Tavor Alum

Molly Rose Elkins-Ryan, Recruiting, Reunion, Tavor Alum

Noah Finkelstein, Fundraising, Alum of Habonim-Dror Camp Miriam 

Michal Golden, Scholarship, Camper Parent

Alan Greenthal, Governance, Tavor Alum and Camper Parent

Etta King Heisler, Finance, Community Building, Tavor Alum

Talia Marcus, Community Building, Tzevet Member

Jacob Kianovsky, Facilities, Tzevet Member

Noa Oxer, Community Building, Tzevet Member

Segev Phillips, Governance, Tavor Alum and Camper Parent

Hannah Roucher, Fundraising, Tavor Alum

Melissa Tesher, Recruiting, Camper Parent


Current Sub-Committees

Executive Committee

Finance Committee

Governance Committee

Community Building

Recruiting Committee

Facilities Committee

Fundraising Committee

TLT- Tour L’ Tavor

Reunion 2024


Other ad-hoc committees may be formed as needed at the discretion of the Board of Directors.

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