The Camp Tavor Team

Meet our year-round staff and our summer leadership team!

Amit Weitzer

Executive Director

Amit bio picture.jpg

Amit credits much of her own leadership and Jewish identity development to summers as a camper and counselor in the woods of Northern Ontario.


Amit brings her years of experience in youth leadership programming as an educator, manager and camp director to Camp Tavor. Amit managed day-to-day camp operations of a wilderness leadership camping program for Jewish teens.


As the manager for the Student Conservation Association’s Detroit programs, Amit supervised an intergenerational staff responsible for collaborating with high school youth leading environmental conservation projects throughout Detroit’s city parks and neighborhood green spaces.


Amit has worked as an educator with middle school, high school and college-age students engaged in critical service learning experiences. Amit has a Masters of Social Work from the University of Michigan, focused on youth and community development.

Randy Lubratich

Community Engagement Coordinator

Randy Headshot.jpg

Randy Lubratich grew up in Westchester County, New York, but her summers were spent at Camp Dunmore in Salisbury, Vermont starting at age 8. She spent 15 joyous years going from camper to counselor.

She moved to Kalamazoo, MI in 2009 to complete the latter stages of a lengthy career in television media where she developed her communication and outreach skills which she is excited to contribute to the success of Camp Tavor.

In recent years, she has worked with Kalamazoo’s Elizabeth Upjohn Community Healing Center, planning and executing numerous successful campaigns.

“I believe camp is where we set the foundation of the people we will become and I am so happy to share the gift of Tavor with as many families as I can!"

Kit Shaw-Colorado

Office Admin & Enrollment Coordinator


Hello, nice to meet you! I’m Kit Shaw-Colorado, a native Michigander who has been living, growing my career and family in Colorado for the past 14 years.  In the summer of 2020 my family returned to Michigan to be closer to family, friends and the water. 

I am an Administration Executive with nearly 20 years of experience in management and administration. For the past eight years, I served as the Executive Director of Congregation Bonai Shalom in Boulder, CO. 

I am an idealist, collaborative leader, dreamer, and do-er. I’m a community leader, organizational motivator, organizer, and innovator.  I am deeply committed to social justice, equity, and sustainability.  

I adore my family, our big old (100 years old) house and thrifting for treasures to fill it. In my down time I can usually be found going on adventures with my wife and our daughter, playing fetch with our dog Hero, listening to music, googling Ruth Bader Ginsberg, learning about Judaism, doing art, or reading Harry Potter. 

Matthew Moser

Property Manager 

Matthew Mosher 1_edited.png

Matthew Mosher has a unique combination of environmental, youth programming, and maintenance experience.


The bulk of his career has been spent performing environmental restoration and park maintenance with public agencies such as AmeriCorps, California Conservation Corps, MI DNR, and the City of Portage, MI.


His personal focus will be on the safety of campers, properly functioning facilities, preventative maintenance, and the beautification of camp while maintaining the “rustic” Camp Tavor feel.


“While working at Camp Tavor I have come to appreciate the beauty and charm of the camp. I truly think of Camp Tavor as a special place. The energy and enthusiasm displayed by the campers, counselors, and staff had a great deal of impact on me. I didn't realize how much I missed that optimistic, enthusiastic energy of young people.”


We're so pleased to have this new partnership with Matthew and look forward to our future years together.

Naomi Goldman-Nagel
naomi smile.jpg

Naomi Goldman-Nagel, Rosh Machaneh for 2019, is taking the lead as the new Bonimot Tzedek Coordinator.

She grew up playing soccer in Madison, Wisconsin, but always looked forward to her summers at Camp Tavor.

She started machaneh in 2007, going into 6th grade.

Now Naomi attends Lewis and Clark College in Portland, Oregon.


Active on campus, Naomi led Jewish students in building

a progressive Jewish community in Portland. She attributes her creativity and communication skills to meaningful summers spent at Tavor.


Naomi looks forward to working to support tzevet (staff) and chanichimot (campers), and to help grow our Tavor community!

Year-Round Program Coordinator

Shoshana Grode 

Year-Round Program Coordinator

Shosh has been spending summers at Tavor since 2006, and has held various roles on tzevet through the past few years, most recently Techni in 2018. 


Shosh graduated from Michigan State University in 2019 and has since been working in the Detroit area doing GIS (geographic information systems). 


Tavor has always been a meaningful and grounding space, that has helped build her connection to Judaism along with learning leadership and relationship building skills. She is excited to be back working with Tavor alongside Naomi as the Bonimot tzedek coordinator. 

Shana Olson

My name is Shana Olson and I am so excited to return to Tavor in a new role this summer.  I am a 3rd generation Habonim alum, following in the footsteps of my father and grandfather.  I spent summers at Tavor as a chanichol (camper), madrichol (counselor), Merakezet Chinuch (Education Director), and I was an MBI madrichol (Israel program counselor) in 2001. 


My years at Tavor instilled in me a passion for social justice, compassion for children, and skills in leadership and team management that lead me to pursue an MSW from the University of Pennsylvania.  Since obtaining my LMSW, my focus has been on improving the mental and behavioral health of children and adolescents.  I have held leadership positions in a variety of programs in juvenile justice, schools, and psychiatric hospital program. 


I currently work with adolescents, adults, and families struggling with feelings of depression, anxiety, behavioral issues, conflictual relationships, and coping with transitions in my own private practice.  I look forward to bringing my expertise to help make this summer a happy and healthy one for the entire Tavor community.


I am excited to share this summer at Tavor with my husband, Kevin, and 4 children.  Nina (12) will be in Bonimot, Eli (10) will be in Amelimot, Lilah(7) and Ezra (4) will be hanging out in the Bayit (Camp office building) and on the Kikar (central gathering area). 

Camper Care Partner

Donna Neumark
donna neumark.jpg

Camp Nurse

Donna has been at Tavor since 1973 (not continuously!). First as a camper then as a counselor, parent of campers, and parent of counselors.

In 2011, she began her tenure as camp nurse, she works the rest of the year per diem as an RN in San Francisco

In addition to tending to the physical and emotional health of the chanichimot and tzevet, she loves her time at this very special place and is passionate about the connections to generations of campers. Donna loves that everyone now joins in on Friday night during the Madatz cheers to sing a song she brought back to camp from the 1970s!  (We’re the KM of Tavor…..)

2021 Summer Staff
Jonah Isenstein

Interim Camp Director, Summer 2021

I first attended Camp Tavor in amelimot in 2001. At Tavor, I worked as a madrich (counselor), a madatz (counselor-in-training) madrich, the camp driver, and then eventually as rosh machaneh (summer program director) in 2015.

My time at Tavor has informed my value system. Tavor’s emphasis on social justice, community, and youth empowerment is a major reason that I am in graduate school pursuing a degree in social work and public health, with the goal of working with young people in a community mental health setting. 

I'm from Oak Park, IL, and am currently pursuing a joint MSW/MPH degree at the University of Illinois at Chicago, with the goal of becoming a mental health counselor. I look forward to using the skills  I've cultivated and my passion to support young people and look forward to bringing this commitment to Camp Tavor this summer.

Ariel Hasak-Lowy
Ariel Hasak Lowy.jpg

Rosh Tavor, Summer 2021

My name is Ariel and I will be Rosh 2021!


I'm from Evanston, IL but currently I am living in Saint Paul where I go to Macalester College. I'm finishing my Senior year and majoring in Educational Studies and American Studies. 


This will be my 13th year at camp, and 6th year on tzevet. Last year I was a Madatz Madricha and the year before I was chinuch (programming director) and had a ton of fun doing both. 


Tavor has taught me so much of who I am today. I bring the love, energy, skills, and intention I learned at Tavor into every new community I enter. I'm so so excited to help build a new summer this year!

Hannah Chonkan-Urow

Rakezet Chinuch (Programming Coordinator)

Hi there! My name is Hannah Chonkan-Urow (she/her) and I will be Rakezet Chinuch (Programming Coordinator) this summer!


I was part of Workshop 66, Madatz 15, and Anaf Gan 2008.

I graduated from Macalester College in December 2020 where I graduated with a BA in Mathematics and a minor in Education Studies.


Tavor is the most important community in the world to me. I learned how to criticize capitalism, scrub toilets, and facilitate icebreakers right here on the patchy grass of the kikar. I owe so much of who I am to Tavor. I look forward to returning to an amazing summer of camp magic, whiteboards, and youth empowerment! 

Jane Mintz 
Jane Mintz.png

Team Techni

Hi, I'm Jane and I will be part of Team Techni this year!! 

I am from Ann Arbor, Michigan and have spent my last four years at the University of Michigan where I will be graduating in May with a degree in Information Analysis!

This coming fall I will start working full-time at Qualtrics in the Salt Lake City area of Utah! 


This will be my 9th summer at camp and my 4th summer on tzevet!


I have loved every summer I have spent at Tavor and cannot wait to make Summer 2021 amazing! Tavor has been so influential in my life and I am so excited to be back with everyone doing rikkud, playing sports, and participating in all the traditions that make camp so special! 

Noam Jacobs 
Noam Jacobs.JPG

Team Techni

My name is Noam, I use he/him pronouns, and I am half of Team Techni 2021. I grew up in Evanston, IL, and currently live in Portland, OR where I study music at Lewis & Clark College.

This summer will be my 10th year at Tavor and my 4th year on Tzevet, and I am so excited to be back at camp! Last year I was a madrich for the Madatz, along with Ariel, and the years before that I was madrich and Muzika Specialist.


Tavor is so special to me and has played an enormous role in forming my identity, strengthening my Jewish spirituality, empowering myself and my peers, and fighting for a just world. I really look forward to bringing all this positivity back to camp for another summer and am excited to build this summer with the rest of Mazkirut and Tzevet!