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Meet The Team

Randy Headshot.jpg

Randy Lubratich

Community Engagement

“I believe camp is where we set the foundation of the people we will become and I am so happy to share the gift of Tavor with as many families as I can!"


Danya Shapiro

Executive Director

"Tavor is a place of magic where the youth of all ages learn to embrace a values system, become leaders, and build community. I am excited to help the next generations on their journeys."


Kit Colorado

Office Admin & Enrollment Coordinator

I am an idealist, collaborative leader, dreamer, and do-er. I’m a community leader, organizational motivator, organizer, and innovator.  I am deeply committed to social justice, equity, and sustainability.  

Matthew Mosher 1_edited.png

Matthew Moser 

Property Manager

While working at Camp Tavor I have come to appreciate the beauty and charm of the camp. I truly think of Camp Tavor as a special place. The energy and enthusiasm displayed by the campers, counselors, and staff had a great deal of impact on me. I didn't realize how much I missed that optimistic, enthusiastic energy of young people.”

Shana Olson.jpeg

Shana Olson

Mental Health Professional

I am a 3rd generation Habonim alum, following in the footsteps of my father and grandfather. My years at Tavor instilled in me a passion for social justice, compassion for children, and skills in leadership and team management. I look forward to bringing those skills to machaneh and helping to create happy and healthy summers for the entire Tavor community.

donna neumark.jpg

Donna Neumark

Camp Nurse

In addition to tending to the physical and emotional health of the chanichimot and tzevet, I love my  time at this very special place and I am so passionate about the connections to generations of campers.


Deena Eichhorn

Rosh Tavor 2024 
(Camp Director)

I attended a camp reunion in 2011 with my mom, and begged to be registered for camp. It was too late to come that summer, but I returned in 2012, and quickly fell in love with everything from the beautiful chof (beach) to the sense of autonomy I felt at 10 years old.

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Sarah Wengroff (Swen)

(Programming/Education Coordinator)

My name is Sarah (but most people at camp call me Swen) and I am so so beyond excited to be the chinuch this summer!! I am in kvuzah 71 and I first started coming to Tavor in 2013 and have been here every summer since! I am so grateful to have gotten to grow up in such a magical place full of love, joy, and wonder and I love watching all the chanichimot grow up with their friends in the same ways that I did. 

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Lila Garfield

Team Techni
(Technical & Logistics Coordinator)

Camp is one of my favorite places in the world because it is the place where I have learned the most, had the most fun, and met some of my best friends. Working at camp has been an awesome experience and I’m so excited to be one of the technis this summer. As techni I’ll be working on a lot of logistical aspects of camp, making sure camp runs smoothly for all of tzevet and chanichimot!

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Jacob Kianovsky

Team Techni
(Technical & Logistics Coordinator)

Tavor has been a crucial part of who I am and how I’ve grown into myself, and I’m so so excited to be able to pass that wonderful gift on. I hold great memories from camp with me all the time and have been lucky to meet many amazing camp people at Tavor

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