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Meet The Team

Randy Headshot.jpg

Randy Lubratich

Community Engagement

“I believe camp is where we set the foundation of the people we will become and I am so happy to share the gift of Tavor with as many families as I can!"

Danya Shapiro 7 (2).jpg

Danya Shapiro

Executive Director

"Tavor is a place of magic where the youth of all ages learn to embrace a values system, become leaders, and build community. I am excited to help the next generations on their journeys."


Kit Colorado

Office Admin & Enrollment Coordinator

I am an idealist, collaborative leader, dreamer, and do-er. I’m a community leader, organizational motivator, organizer, and innovator.  I am deeply committed to social justice, equity, and sustainability.  

Matthew Mosher 1_edited.png

Matthew Moser 

Property Manager

While working at Camp Tavor I have come to appreciate the beauty and charm of the camp. I truly think of Camp Tavor as a special place. The energy and enthusiasm displayed by the campers, counselors, and staff had a great deal of impact on me. I didn't realize how much I missed that optimistic, enthusiastic energy of young people.”

Shana Olson.jpeg

Shana Olson

Mental Health Professional

I am a 3rd generation Habonim alum, following in the footsteps of my father and grandfather. My years at Tavor instilled in me a passion for social justice, compassion for children, and skills in leadership and team management. I look forward to bringing those skills to machaneh and helping to create happy and healthy summers for the entire Tavor community.

donna neumark.jpg

Donna Neumark

Camp Nurse

In addition to tending to the physical and emotional health of the chanichimot and tzevet, I love my  time at this very special place and I am so passionate about the connections to generations of campers.

dfuns 2022-08-27 171302.833.heic


Bonimot Tzedek Coordinator

GK (they/them) is so excited to be running the Chicago hub for 2022-’23 Bonimot Tzedek! After graduating from Tufts University with a degree in American Studies this past May, GK worked at Camp Tavor as one of the Beit-O Specialists.


Talia Yaari

Bonimot Tzedek Coordinator

I owe so much of my personhood to Tavor and the truly special community we build together in Three Rivers. At Tavor we place great value upon learning and questioning, self-expression, and youth empowerment, and this has continued to inform who I am as I have grown into adulthood


Hazel Sher-Kisch

Rosh Tavor 2023 - Summer Director

Hi everyone, I’m Hazel! I could not be more excited to share the news with you all that I will be Rosh Tavor (Summer Director) this upcoming summer! I am already counting down the days to the summer and all of the wonderful magic we’re going to create together. 


Ian Rosen-Rich

Chinuch - Programming/Education Director

I always carry a bit of Tavor in my heart, and I can’t wait to return to camp this summer so that I may help make it that special for all our chanichimot as well.

Abby GN.jpeg

Abby Goldman-Nagel

Team Techni - Technical Coordinator 

I am so excited to spend another summer at Tavor and to do even more shaping and dreaming for the chof, chava, ohelim, and so. much. more.

pasted image 0.png

Shani Samuel

Team Techni - Technical Coordinator

I feel so unbelievably lucky and privileged to spend another summer at Tavor as part of Team Techni!

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