Social Justice

At Tavor, the value of social justice is central to everything we do. We act on this value by educating about injustices in society, and our power to change them. We believe in a more just world!


Inclusion of Interfaith Families

Camp Tavor strives to create an inclusive Jewish community, where families of all kinds, including interfaith families, feel comfortable, affirmed and fully included.

At Tavor, we provide opportunities for chanichinot (campers) to share their Jewish practices from home and engage with a variety of new Jewish experiences at camp. Our community members come from a wide range of religious and cultural communities. We ask community members to not make assumptions about the ways in which others are Jewish or practice Judaism, but instead to learn from each other and our rich and varied histories.



Gender Equality

Camp Tavor values the inclusion of all members of our community, including trans* and gender non-conforming chanichimot (campers) and madrichimot (staff).  We strive to uphold practices that affirm all gender identities and sexualities align with our values.


Gender Equality - Housing

Tavor houses all chanichimot (campers) in ohelim (tents) and tzrifim (cabins) according to their self-identified gender identity, including the gender identities of trans* chanichimot.  We strive to create intimate, safe, and loving communities for all within living spaces at camp.


Gender Equality - Pronouns

Tavor uses the practice of identifying the gender pronouns that each member of our community uses during introductions and as we get to know one another.  By doing this we create more comfort and safety for community members of all gender identities. Leaders in the field of early childhood education and LGBT inclusion indicate that allowing children to identify their own pronouns in developmentally appropriate ways is empowering and a best practice to create safe opportunities for development and growth.

For more information on terminology (including pronouns) from Keshet, “a national organization that works for full LGBTQ equality and inclusion in Jewish life,” please visit the Keshet website:



Gender Equality - Bathrooms

Tavor offers an all-gender bathroom for all chanichimot to shower or use the bathroom because it’s important that all members of our community feel safe and included. All-gender restrooms provide access to safe bathrooms and changing areas for people of any gender identity and presentation.


Racial Justice

Camp Tavor reaffirms our commitment to racial justice within the Jewish community and in the entire world

and empowering them to create change in their communities.  We create opportunities for chanichimot of color to process their experiences together, as well as learning with all chanichimot across all races. At Tavor, we act on our value of racial justice by educating all chanichimot (campers) about racial injustice in our world.