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Our Values

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Social Justice

At Tavor, the value of social justice is central to everything we do. We act on this value by educating

about injustices in society, and our power to change them. We believe in a more just world!



Tavor is a place where chanichimot (campers) can center, explore, and fully express

their Jewish identities by creating a Jewish community together.
Tavor embraces our core value of Judaism through exploring Jewish spirituality, cultivating a cultural

Jewish identity, creating a connection with Jewish peoplehood, Hebrew, and Israel,

and learning from more traditional aspects of the Jewish faith.



Tavor educates towards a socially and economically just world based on the socialist value of

"shivyon erech ha’adam", or the equality of human value.


We draw from the experiences of chanichimot (campers) and educate to understand the economic

disparities around us, and the ways they connect to gender and race-based inequalities.


Together, we envision a world where all people have access to the resources they need to flourish,

through cooperative economics, self-determination, environmental sustainability,

political democracy, and the equality of all people.


Education About Israel

Tavor's approach to programming around Israel emerges from our commitment to youth autonomy, social justice, and the Jewish people. Our programming includes a range of topics that change year to year depending on tzevet and chanichimot’s interests.


Hagshama (Actualization)

At the core of all of our education is a call to action on our deeply-held values and beliefs,

or hagshama (actualization).



We hope to inspire Tavor chanichimot to act on their values, at camp, and in their lives at home. For chanichimot, actualization means making choices based on their values and always standing up for their beliefs. The actualization of Tavor’s values includes creating and shaping our current Jewish communities, living cooperatively,

and shaping the future of Israel through our youth movement.



Many Tavor alumni have taken the value of hagshama and gone on to be leaders in Jewish social justice in their home communities and leaders of American Jewish social justice institutions.

 Others have acted on movement values and moved to Israel to take responsibility for the Jewish people

thereby educating towards justice in Dror Yisrael (the graduate movement of Habonim Dror in Israel).

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