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Sunday, May 26th -11am - 5pm EST

Whether it’s your first summer at Tavor or 100th - ALL ARE WELCOME! 


We know that connecting with Tavor is essential to its growth and understanding of our community. We want to share that experience with you .. to feel even a fraction of the kesem (magic) that exists from the buildings, to the land, and of course the people that make Camp Tavor our home away from home each and every summer.


At the Spring Open House/Visitors Day folks will have opportunities to take a stroll around the grounds - or go boating on Lake Kaiser, bring a picnic with you to share with family and friends! There will be games and activities for kids, and maybe time for you to participate in an avodah (work) project to help get the camp ready for another amazing summer! Don’t forget rikud (Israeli folk dancing) on the basketball court! There will also be specific times of the day where you can meet Summer leadership, Board representatives, and counselors.

Click HERE to learn more or register for the

2024 Spring Open House/Visitors Day 

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