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Financial Aid Opportunities

At Tavor, we strive to create an affordable and accessible enriching summer camp experience, but we know that scholarships, financial aid, and grants are critical to maintaining that accessibility. We’ve compiled a variety of resources, national, regional, and local, that we hope will help you plan for your child's summer at camp.

  • What is the cancellation and or refund policy for Summer 2024
    Cancellations up to March 15th: Everything is refundable. Cancellations between March 16th and April 30th: Everything is refundable except $500. Cancellations that occur after May 1st and before the program start will be assessed half of the camp fee, with exceptions made in the case of cancellations due to medical need. Once the camp program begins, no refunds will be granted for cancellations.
  • What are the fees associated with registration and deposits?
    Registrations are not complete until program fees or deposits are made. Prior to processing registration for a Camp Tavor program, accounts are reviewed for outstanding balances. Registration cannot be processed until all past-due balances are reconciled or a payment plan is put into place. When choosing to pay for programming by credit card, a 3% non-refundable convenience charge will be applied. Deposits can be paid by Credit Card or Debit Card when completing the application. Deposits are required to hold your space in the program. Deposit Details: $500 for Programs 2 Weeks or Longer $300 for Programs Shorter than 2 weeks $200 if you plan to apply for financial aid. Campers registered during the Early Bird window, before November 1st will receive a financial discount as well as an embroidered Camp Tavor baseball cap, perfect for days on the lake and keeping the sun out of your eyes this summer! Scholarship Assistance Families applying for scholarship assistance provide a deposit of $200 at the time of registration. If scholarship assistance is not awarded or declined and your child will not attend Tavor, then the deposit is refundable less a $25 processing fee.
  • What are the payment options available?
    Families registering online have three payment options: Pay in full at time of registration Pay in equal monthly installments (the 2nd Friday of the month) from the date of registration, with the final payment on May 17th. If applying for scholarship assistance, pay $200 per month per camper, starting in January, until the camp scholarship is awarded. Once the award is applied to the camp balance, the remaining balance will be paid in equal monthly installments on the 2nd Friday of the month, with the final payment on May 17th. Payments after the deposit can be made by credit card, debit card or check. *Please note that by completing this application, you are giving Camp Tavor permission to charge the credit card on file for the balance on your account on May 17th. Please contact Kit Colorado at to discuss an alternative payment plan.
  • Do you offer financial aid?
    At Tavor, we strive to create an affordable and accessible enriching summer camp experience, but we know that scholarships, financial aid, and grants are critical to maintaining that accessibility. We’ve compiled a variety of resources – national, regional, and local – that we hope will be helpful to you as you plan for your summer at camp. First-time campers may also be eligible for up to $1000 off of camp tuition through the One Happy Camper Grant or PJ Library Goes to Camp. Head over to our financial aid page to learn more. We are also happy to create payment plans that begin upon registration to enable families to make monthly payments towards tuition.
  • Are vaccinations required to attend Camp Tavor?
    All campers and seasonal staff attending a Camp Tavor program are required to provide documentation that they have had age-appropriate vaccines as recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and the State of Michigan, which includes the COVID-19 vaccine and booster. Please click here to read more about the rules and exemptions. The health and safety of our campers is the priority of Camp Tavor and the vaccination of all members of the community is essential in order to maintain a safe environment and decrease the risk of transmission of preventable illnesses. Camp Tavor believes strongly that this policy is an expression of our Jewish and Social Justice values to preserve life and to take responsibility for the health of the collective.
  • Is there a health clinic at Camp Tavor
    Yes! We have a fully staffed and stocked wellness center at Tavor called the mirpa’ah (or marp for short) with a waiting area, an exam room, and many bedrooms for campers to stay overnight if necessary. Campers come to the mirpa’ah after meals to take any medicine they might need and to check in with the nurses to ensure that they are in good health. The mirpa’ah is air-conditioned and staffed 24/7 in case of emergency. We have two healthcare professionals present at Tavor during the summer, at least one of whom is a registered nurse and is present and available 24/7. There is an urgent care facility ten minutes away from camp for anything our on-site nurses can’t handle. Three Rivers hospital is less than 5 minutes from camp for any emergencies that may arise. Every year, we work closely with local fire and police stations to ensure camp is safe and that we have effective emergency procedures in place. You will be contacted by one of our nurses if your child is taken out of camp for a medical reason, if they have to stay in the mirpa’ah (wellness center) overnight, or if any other serious medical conditions arise.
  • Does Camp Tavor keep kosher?
    Kosher dietary laws (kashrut) are observed in the purchase, preparation, and serving of all food at Camp Tavor, though we do not have a mashgiach (religious inspector) supervising our kitchen. Three balanced and filling meals are served each day at Tavor. In addition, the campers are served healthy snacks in the afternoon. Soy nut butter and jelly, fruit, milk, cold juice, and bread are always available. We can accommodate many special diets and allergies.
  • Can you accommodate my child's food allergy?
    Yes, Camp Tavor can accommodate most child food allergies, please be sure to include all dietary restrictions on the camper care health form and we will work closely with you to ensure we can accommodate your camper’s dietary needs. Tavor is a completely peanut free and nut sensitive camp. There are no peanuts or food processed in facilities that process peanuts allowed at camp. We do not serve foods with other nuts in them, however, some ingredients we use may be processed in facilities with other nuts or have traces of other nuts in them.
  • What is kupah?
    Kupah literally translates from Hebrew to “cash register.” At Tavor, we translate it as “cooperative fund.” Kupah is one of the ways in which we integrate elements of cooperative living into the camp life. All campers pool funds and then decide as a democratic community how to use those funds. Through the practice of kupah, campers learn about sharing, teamwork, compromise, democracy, and budgeting! Kupah funds are used as a central canteen from which campers can draw personal necessities such as toiletries, stationery, etc. The fund can also be used for special treats as decided by the campers.
  • Does my child need to speak Hebrew?
    No! The Hebrew we use at camp is very simple and easy to understand. Campers pick up the Hebrew very quickly and return home able to integrate it into their everyday lives. Our campers and counselors are always happy to ensure everyone understands the Hebrew used at camp. Sometimes the Hebrew that we use at camp is purely conversational and other times, it is Hebrew that has evolved within the Habonim Dror movement and is more unique to our own community. We always work to provide English translation in our materials (including our website) to ensure that everyone, long-time Tavor families and new families, can engage in the enriching way we use Hebrew at Tavor.
  • Package Policy
    Camp Tavor does not accept packages in boxes for campers. Please read the policy and share it with your campers and other family/friends (including grandparents) to help manage their expectations. In your camp forms on CampinTouch, you will sign the package policy to show that you have read it: Camp Tavor will accept flat parcels that are in an envelope that is no larger than 12” x 15” x ¾”. These can include magazines, books, pens and paper- anything flat. Boxes will be returned to sender. Birthdays at Camp: One birthday package without food will be permitted. Please label the package: “Birthday Package” so that we can make sure it gets to your child on their birthday.
  • What is CampinTouch?
    CampInTouch is the program you used to set up your campers account and find all required camp forms. Parents/Guardians can always find the portal at the top of our website. You can use CampinTouch to monitor your account activity, pay camp tuition costs, and during the summer send your campers one way emails, view and purchase photographs, watch videos, read blogs and more. You can find more "how-to" information about Campintouch and communication in the Camp Tavor Handbook - in CampinTouch under forms and documents. Information will also be sent home via USPS to all registered families. Please note: family and friends can also use the system as "Guests" - Guest accounts must be setup by the primary CampinTouch account holder.
  • How do I communicate with my camper during the summer?
    Parents are welcome to mail letters and postcards to their camper. You can also send emails to your camper through your CampinTouch accounts using campstamps. CampStamps are credits parents/guests can use to facilitate and enhance communication with their camper(s). Parents/Guests can add CampStamps to their account by clicking the link at the top of the Email page. CampStamps are offered in the following packages: 10 for $10, 15 for $14, 20 for $18, and 30 for $25. Emails are printed in the morning before 10AM. Emails that arrive after 10AM will be delivered the following day. There is no mail service on Shabbat. Campers cannot respond by email. More information on communications can be found in your Camp Tavor Family Handbook which is also located in your CampinTouch account under forms & documents. It can only be accessed after completing registration.
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