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Education About Israel

Tavor's approach to programming around Israel emerges from our commitment to youth autonomy, social justice, and the Jewish people. Our programming includes a range of topics which change year to year depending on tzevet and chanichimot’s interest.


  • Provide education that is accessible to chanichimot with varying levels of knowledge about Israel 

  • Create a space where chanichimot can openly explore their connection to Israel

  •  Give chanichimot the tools to determine how they want to relate to Israel

  • Ensure chanichimot feel comfortable asking questions and give them space to learn and grow 

  • Prioritize the well-being of chanichimot when discussing this often-sensitive topic 



  • Promote question- and curiosity-based education 

  • Explore multiple sides of issues 

  • Use dilemma-based education, which presents complex issues and allows chanichimot to form their own conclusions through discussion 

  • Affirm that chanichmot aren’t expected to know everything 

Israel is a diverse area made up of many groups, each of whom has a legitimate connection to the land. Our Israel and Palestine programming emerges from our Jewish values, which are informed by a belief in shivyon erich ha’adam (the equality of human value), investment in democracy, and the inherent right of all people to self-determination. 

Talking about Zionism in diverse Jewish communities is challenging, particularly due to the difficulty of defining Zionism itself. Habonim Dror historically aligned itself with progressive labor Zionism. In 2022, the youth-led governing body of Habonim Dror North America passed Proposal: Goals for Conversations and Education about Zionism (see p. 6 for details). This resolution states that the language surrounding Zionism remains divisive and that a focus on this language distracts from concrete action. In line with this resolution, Camp Tavor teaches about the topic of Zionism but does not explicitly teach a certain view about Zionism. Instead, we discuss these issues so that chanichimot can determine what terms best fit their individual views and beliefs in an open environment. For more information about Habonim Dror North America’s stance on progressive labor Zionism, see here

Due to the exploratory and democratic nature of our educational programming, madrichimot and even chanichimot may raise topics that parents, alumni, tzevet, and other chanichimot find challenging, regardless of where they lie on the political spectrum. We are committed to having these sometimes difficult conversations, and we do so while ensuring that all members of our community, including Israeli madrichimot and chanichimot, feel welcomed, safe, and cared for. 

Our camping community comprises people with a wide range of backgrounds, connections, and opinions related to Israel. We support this diversity and see it as a strength. We believe that each unique perspective and relationship to Israel held by our community enriches our engagement with this topic.

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