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Israel Education

Camp Tavor’s Israel education seeks to create a connection to, and responsibility for, Israel and Jewish people. We are committed to education towards a just and lasting peace in Israel for all, and acknowledge the rich diversity in Israeli society and culture, including different groups of Jews and non-Jews.  


Tavor’s Israel education is rooted in the values and idealism of Progressive Labor Zionism.  We recognize the highly divisive nature--even among Jews (especially among Jews!)--of Israel and its conflict with the Palestinian people.  At Tavor we strive to create educational opportunities through which chanichimot can learn about Israel and its history, and this programming is always informed by our unflagging commitment to social justice."  


We want to work towards the liberation of all people. This means a vision of Israel where all people have equal rights and self-determination, and Jews can create a safe and flourishing Jewish society.  To accomplish this, we promote justice for all in Israel/Palestine.


We believe in a two-state solution, and offer political critiques of Israeli policies.  More importantly, we believe in embracing the equality of human value.  As an educational youth movement, we believe change can come from educating one another and standing up for our social justice beliefs.


What does this look like?


Chanichimot (campers) at Tavor learn about the history of Jewish peoplehood, the history of Labor Zionism, the plurality of cultures, religions, religious expressions, and people in Israel today, Palestinian narratives and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and connection with our sister movement in Israel, HaNoar HaOved.  We strive to bring honest and enriching content and inspire hope and action for the future, as young Jewish shapers of our own history.

We have a weekly block of time for Israel education, called Shvil Yisrael (Israel Trail), which consists chuggim (electives) on a range of topics and interests. We also incorporate Hebrew language and Jewish value learning, into our programming throughout the day.  Tavor chanichimot (campers) also develop relationships with our shlichimot, who bring the perspective of those working for justice through our sister youth movement in Israel.

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