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Camp Tavor COVID-19 Update

May 13, 2020

Dear Tavor Community, 


It is with a heavy heart that we write to share that due to the continued uncertainty surrounding COVID-19, we have made the decision to cancel our planned Summer 2020 sessions and programs at Camp Tavor. 

Health and safety is the foundation upon which we build our imaginative, idealistic, and spirited summer home along Lake Kaiser. We focus on the collective and strive to make decisions that will center the health, wellness, and dignity of our full camp community and the broader world.


This pandemic has crystallized our interconnectedness and our decision is rooted in safeguarding the health and wellness of our chanichimot (campers), tzevet, staff, their families, and the members of our communities at home and in Three Rivers. Ongoing consultation and conversation with leaders in the camping and health fields have clarified that there continue to be too many risks and no clear path forward for us to be able to provide our camp sessions as planned while still fulfilling our commitment to ensure a safe home for our campers this summer. 


We know that Camp Tavor provides an unrivaled opportunity for playfulness, adventure, connection and empowerment, and we all - campers, families, staff/tzevet, our community partners - need that more than ever before. This is an extraordinary loss for everyone connected to the Camp Tavor community and we’re committing to finding time and space to grieve with our beloved community. We also know that Camp Tavor is not just a place. Tavor is friendships, connection, inspiration, song, and we’re committed to working with our community to help to bring camp “kesem” (magic) into our homes this summer. 


And of course, if our situation improves rapidly in such a way that we learn that it will be possible to safely build new opportunities to come together in person this summer, we will commit to investigating and providing such opportunities.  


We know that this news about camp is heart-wrenching. We’re sending our love to you all, and to the broader world, as we hope for healing, peace and justice. 

Staying Connected

In the coming weeks, we want to honor the incredible loss of a summer at Tavor and also gather to celebrate our resilience, and push ourselves to find new ways to connect with each other and work to change the world together. 


We hope you’ll join us for a community-wide Havdalah & Kumzitz: 

Saturday, May 23rd, 2020, 7:30pm EST. RSVP Here

May 23 Havdalah and Kumzitz (1).png

Looking to the future

While so much about the future remains uncertain, we do know that the world will need Camp Tavor campers and their vision, creativity, resilience, and drive to dream of and build a more just and peaceful world. 

Today, we’re focused on the loss of an incredible summer together along Lake Kaiser and supporting one another as we digest this news. In the weeks to come, we will be reaching out to you to share more information about the financial impact of this extraordinary loss and ask you to join us in our work to ensure a strong future for Camp Tavor. 


We are grateful to you for your continued commitment and investment in our community. With your support, we will be able to ensure another incredible 64 years of building and dreaming together. 

Wishhing you health, peace, and comfort,

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Amit Weitzer 

Executive Director, Camp Tavor

Todd Hasak-Lowy

Camp Tavor Committee Chair

Sarah Pincus

Rosh Tavor 2020

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