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Find a Tavor Homework Buddy

Zach Harris.jpg

Zach Harris, Tavor Madrich

(and homework buddy)

We all know that one of the best parts of summer at Tavor is the amazing sense of community.


That's why I and so many others often find the intervening months so difficult. Simply put, we miss our camp friends and the wonderful togetherness we experience at machaneh.

The loneliness of lockdown and a summer away from Three Rivers (and amazing Techno Tavor virtual programming!) have only proven to us how important camp connections truly are.

That's why we're so excited to announce our newest program: “Tavor Homework Buddies!”

Built through classic Habo collaboration (idea credits: Machaneh Gilboa) and equally classic Habo zoom prowess! We have gathered helpers experienced with English, Math, Hebrew, Bar Mitzvah prep, Composting! You need it, we probably have it!

Here's how it works

We've built a directory (see below) of Tavor madrichimot excited to connect and provide homework help and tutoring.


Once you've located a good match for your child's needs, please contact your tutor directly to set up a schedule that works for you both.


You'll pay your homework buddy directly. We recommend a base of $18/hour.


There is no obligation to register or attend Camp Tavor to take advantage of our Homework Helpers...

Got friends? Our helpers are available to assist groups as well! 

Zach Harris

I am currently a Junior at Brown University studying Political Science. I've been going to Tavor since 2010 and love it so much! I'm a big fan of toranut (washing the dishes) and tiyul (camping trips). I love our Tavor community and am so excited to have a new way to engage with it during the academic year!

I'm best with English, History, Hebrew, and Tanakh (Bible) but am also capable of teaching Math and Science at an Elementary or Middle School level .

Monday 8-10, 2-4, 6-10; Tuesday 8-11, 2-4, 7-10; Wednesday 8-10, 6-10, Thursday 8-12, 6-10; Friday 8-10; Sundays: Flexible.

Hadas Kluger

I'm a freshman at Eastern Michigan University studying social work. I just came back from workshop and learned a lot of Hebrew! My first year at Tavor was in 2011 and I've been going back ever since! My favorite part of machaneh is on Friday when we have really good food, sing and then do rikkud!

English , Hebrew , electives, email and we'll work it out.

Weekdays after 1 pm EST

Benjamin Pinsky

I am currently a first-year at The University of Michigan Medical School. In college, I studied biochemistry with minors in physics and creative writing, also at The University of Michigan. Throughout my undergrad I worked as a tutor and teacher in a variety of capacities and environments. I went to Tavor from 2008 to 2018, first as a camper then as a madrichol, and I ran the Ann Arbor Ken for the past few years. My nickname at camp was Binky, and I always loved chuggim (special interest groups). The best chug I ever ran was Dirty Jobs, where each day we would do an activity that got us as muddy or dirty as possible (and then after, we'd hose or shower it all off of course).

English, Math, and Science of all kinds

My availability varies, but I am free most nights and weekends if we communicate ahead of time.