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Madatz Leadership Program

Madatz (Madrichim Tz’rim)
The madatz program offers our future madrichim (counselors) an intense training program in hadracha (leadership) and a wonderful opportunity to experience living and working together as a kvutzah (group).

The program focuses on opportunities for Madatzimot to develop communication, leadership and facilitation skills and cultivate developmentally appropriate programming ideas for chanichimot (campers). Madatz participants arrive one day before the rest of the chanichimot and depart from camp one day after the rest of the chanichimot – allowing time to settle into camp so that Madatz can focus on stewarding and supporting the experiences of younger chanichimot.


  • 1st session, Madatz participants facilitate both camp-wide activities and activities for each shichvah (age group).

  • 2nd session, Madatz participants take on additional responsibilities at camp – living with campers in their shtachim (living areas) and joining the tzevet (staff) community for programming development and facilitation.

Madatz also develop, plan and implement a Madatz project – a project that will contribute to the Camp Tavor for the next generation of Tavor chanichimot (campers)!


Registration for Madatz

Madatz is a very focused leadership program and requires a separate application process for eligibility. Madatz participants need to demonstrate responsibility, maturity, and ability to care for themselves and younger chanichimot (campers).  

Registration for Madatz has two parts. First, if you would like to participate in Madatz, start by registering through CampinTouch as you would for any other camp program. You can find the registration portal on our ‘Camp Programs’ page.


After completing your registration, you will receive information about the rest of the application process for this upcoming summer!

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