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Hail, Hail The Gang's All Here!

Hello families -- sorry this blog post is coming out a little late - I was busy on toranut (doing dishes) so your kiddos could enjoy their first lunch at camp -- enjoying some grilled cheese and tomato soup!

There's been a lot of smiles, laughing, happy tears, and a whole lot of singing and foot-stomping (in a good way).

Coming up this afternoon, a little bit of everything! Campers will get a tour of Tavor and a look at the avodah (work) and chuggim (special interest activity) they would like to sign up for.

The Tavor Times will be out this Friday and every Friday during the camp session. If you have not signed up -- you can do so here: and be sure to sign up for our Camp Tavor Blog as well.

Remember that CampinTouch is also your portal to all things Camp Tavor. You can email your camper, look at photos and videos, and even read news items – look for the tabs in the section that says online community or at the top of your CampinTouch page for links.

Be sure to check your CampinTouch accounts for photo uploads each day. If you need anything, please don't hesitate to reach out to me directly at

Wishing you peace and health, and beautiful adventures!

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