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MBI Webinars for Entering 11th graders

Good afternoon, MBI families! 

We hope you had a lovely Chanukah filled with light and latkes. Thank you to those of you who reached out with inquiries and feedback -- we are taking your input into consideration as we move forward. We're also glad to see that many of you have already registered for MBI! If you haven't yet, you can access registration HERE

For those of you who are curious to hear more about MBI, both programmatically and operationally, we will be hosting a family webinar on Sunday, January 7 at 10 am PST/1 pm EST and one on Wednesday, January 24 at 5 pm PST/8 pm EST. Click HERE to register for the 1/7 webinar and HERE to register for the 1/24 webinar. 

As per the advice of all relevant partners and security bodies, we are currently working under the assumption that MBI will be safe to run this summer. At the same time, we are continuing to explore possible alternative programs outside of Israel, including Tzedek America, as contingencies in the event that travel to Israel is deemed unsafe. Some of you have reached out to ask if any such alternative may be open as a parallel program to MBI. We are still clarifying both possibilities and are aiming to have concrete answers by February. 

We would also like to assure everyone that all deposits made during registration will be fully refundable if you withdraw your registration by February 27th, and in the event that the URJ cancels the trip even after this date, you will receive a full refund as well a spot on any alternative program. We appreciate your patience, and, as always, please feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns. 

One way or another, we are looking forward to a meaningful summer of building connections and fostering young Jewish leadership across Habonim Dror North America.  


Zandra Campbell (they/she)

Rakezol Chinuch

Education Director

Habonim Dror North America

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